https://t.co/GOSKRQpgH6 https://t.co/GKulsOKm6k
01 July 2017
@Flamengo 51?? Isso não é nem fisicamente possível em 9 jogos...não haveriam mais jogadores no elenco nem do sub-20… https://t.co/trM01Hd43g
25 June 2017
https://t.co/LhA9Yto3dD https://t.co/aAwb32ct4p
23 June 2017
This is a GREAT article on I-864 enforceability for support of beneficiary immigrants. #EvolvingLaws https://t.co/HfbeY3MlWW
16 June 2017
Joe Kelly acabou de arremessar 104 mph pro RedSox!!! ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️🔥🔥🔥⚾️⚾️⚾️
07 June 2017
https://t.co/zMyAZCTGHS https://t.co/UCyNmj6CLd
01 June 2017
RT @DaniloBrack: Actually, that's when they concede they don't understand immigration and type of reform needed, turn to useless wasteful b…
21 May 2017
RT @thehill: Former Bush official: Trump speech pushes back on idea he is "bigoted against Islam" https://t.co/Q31gk0u9BC https://t.co/sbEf…
21 May 2017
https://t.co/DNRtoVyvUs https://t.co/Z1cWDmAhl1
15 May 2017
RT @theblaze: .@FamilyGuyonFOX mocks Kellyanne Conway in Emmy ad, gets destroyed by conservatives https://t.co/SYTxenYueS https://t.co/IsEa…
12 May 2017
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