RT @DaniloBrack: The Goat came; The Goat saw; The Goat conquered! @Patriots #PatriotsNation #SuperBowlLIII #Prophetic https://t.co/L3sxzT7U…
31 January 2019
RT @DaniloBrack: #Patriots #SuperBowlLIII @Patriots @TomBradysEgo https://t.co/XrUtBA62ck
31 January 2019
That is unarguably assault and battery! Fitchburg State University must take disciplinary action immediately! As an… https://t.co/PUThW5lzZ4
14 November 2018
RT @DaniloBrack: And THIS is the type of mente captus personifying current-era musical-writing demise and decadence... Cursing is a sign of…
19 June 2018
Why we support #immigrationreform now!...and why we wonder how can @TheDemocrats stand in the way only because they… https://t.co/XroU52exGM
18 June 2018
RT @DaniloBrack: ⁦@LAERRealty⁩ gets all our support! #StandForTheFlag #KneelForTheCross ⁦@BRACKLAW⁩ ⁦@ProconUsaLaw⁩ https://t.co/y0oPCniAM9
18 June 2018
RT @DaniloBrack: É certo que @neymarjr é a versão século XXI do Raí. Só firula e uma grande decepção em Copas do Mundo. https://t.co/Wu30PL…
18 June 2018
RT @DaniloBrack: Teenager stabs people because of his Muslim faith. Will @CNN @jaketapper @HardballChris and other libs even cover this?? W…
14 March 2018
RT @Robert_Mills: Waiting for an arraignment in Lowell District Court when I suddenly realize I’m getting wet. Leaky roof! The maintenance…
24 January 2018
https://t.co/A81xXwgBbM https://t.co/j1hpbAPSkN
26 September 2017
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